MISS MOLLY (Molly Hamilton)

Molly Hamilton enjoys a successful musical career and stands out amongst professional musicians due to her deeply caring heart. She is driven to make as many people possible experience joy through music.

While most musicians say their passion is music, Molly will tell you her passion is seeing people smile, have fun, find inspiration and feel good from their heads to their toes during her performances and workshops.

Molly’s mission in life is to bring the joy and healing energy of music to the world to make it a better place, Molly was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, (5th generation Calgarian). She has entertained local, national and international audiences for over thirty-six years at over 5000 events and for millions and millions of people.

She has an uncanny knack of getting her audiences into the act by combining music, comedy and light-hearted fun to make people smile!

Miss Molly’s most cherished performances include being the featured entertainer at the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary. Here she performed for crowds of 60,000 – 100,000 each of its 16 nights. The other was her featured performance during the Calgary Grey Cup half-time show where she performed live for 60,000 football stadium fans and approx. fifteen million via television.

Molly was the official entertainer and musical ambassador for the Calgary Stampede Promotion Committee for fourteen years and has been acknowledged through many special awards, one being the celebrated Tourism Calgary’s White Hatter of the Year Award. This is given annually to only one person in Calgary; the person who best demonstrated the western hospitality and friendliness of the city for that year.

Another performance favourite was as a special guest with the Young Canadians on the World Renowned Calgary Stampede Grandstand Show. She has performed with the Young Canadians on three different occasions, each time for approx. 300,000+ people during the 11 night run.

Molly usually plays with her own country music band or to increase the impact, she developed her unique Every Cowboy Needs a Horse family symphony concert which she continues to guest perform with symphony orchestras worldwide.

Miss Molly loves to perform for all ages including the little cowpokes. For this, she was voted Calgary’s Best Children’s entertainer by the Calgary’s Child publication and received the Alberta Recording Industries Association Best Children’s Artist of the Year award.

She has released six CD’s on her own 2M Records label where she was the executive producer as well as writing many of the original songs.

In addition to her musical services, she also branched into the western wear retail market with her on-line clothing store (www.westernwear.ca) offering women high quality western wear at affordable prices.

She has performed for such dignitaries as His Royal Highness, Prince Phillip and the former President of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev and has performed from Dallas to Hawaii and as far away as France and Japan. She continues to make over 100 appearances annually at: festivals, schools, community events, business functions, conventions, and other special events.

In 2007, Molly started the Make a Wonderful Day music project. The mission of the Make a Wonderful Day® project is, through music, to influence people around the globe to make the choice to make a difference and make a wonderful day for themselves and others around them. She promises to positively affect the world forever through this project! (www.MakeAWonderfulDay.com)

As part of the Make a Wonderful Day project, in 2010, she developed an Artist-in-School Residency program. (www.MakeAWonderfulExperience.com). In the residency, students have the opportunity to co-write positive songs with Molly, record them and release a professional CD that students, teachers and families can enjoy forever.

Molly’s newest project is the co-founding a non-profit charitable organization called The Wonderful Music Foundation. Its mission is to provide live music, recorded music and audio visual equipment to children’s hospices and hospitals in Calgary and around the world.

Molly’s services now include musical concerts (Country Music, Christmas, and Positive Inspirational), being a master-of-ceremonies, giving keynote speeches, conducting personal development workshops and running Artist-in-School Song Writing and CD Recording residencies. She is one busy lady!

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